Why should i donate?

In March of 2016, I quit an office job that I worked at for 4 years. After over a year of splitting my time between working as a body positive writer and advocate and working for this company, I was confronted to make a choice between the two. I was put into a new position where I had to fully dedicate myself to my day job, which was anywhere from 10-12 hours a day and required all of my attention.

So, I quit.

I made the decision, that day, that my work as a writer and a speaker and an activist was my life's work. Nothing else could possibly be that fulfilling. So, I decided to take the risk and pursue writing as a full time career. I currently write for, which is a dream come true, but I've still taken over a 50% pay cut from where I was in the corporate world. With the surgeries and me leaving New York City, it's not exactly easy to lock down a part-time job.

I'm getting by, but if people appreciate the work I'm doing for Ravishly, on my blog, or on my YouTube, it can't hurt.

The money will go to making sure I don't go broke, and if I start making more than enough to survive, I'll put it towards equipment for podcasts and some more involved video production stuff I've wanted to do.


but you have so many followers on (insert social media platform here), shouldn't you be rich? or at least able to get sponsorships?

Oh my god, I'm so far from rich. I'm learning very quickly that it's difficult to live your dreams and live above the poverty line, but I'm trying. As for sponsorships, it would be possible to get some, but I try not to do them. I feel people come to me because I offer them something— sincerity, ingenuity. I'm not an organization or a company or a brand, I'm a guy, trying to spread a positive message.

I don't want to have to complicate that with videos of me reviewing things I was paid to review, or trying to get you to buy jewelry from some website.


What about the money donated to your gofundme last year?

That money wasn't for me, it was for my surgeries. I was able to get my procedures done for a greatly reduced price, so I took what I didn't use to pay for medical care or unforeseen expenses and donated it to other people in my situation. I donated $5,000 to a girl I met on the Meredith Vieira Show in the same situation as me, and another $5,000 to a trans dude to help fund his chest surgery. The rest was spread out among anonymous donations on GoFundMe and YouCaring pages over the past few months.

I didn't want to keep all of it, because it was given to me for a specific reason. So, I gave away what I wasn't using.