Now that you know Matt's story, you probably have one question.

why should you hire him??

Matt Joseph Diaz is a young, charismatic and well-spoken man with a love for writing and a long history with comedy. He prides himself on his ability to do a lot with a crowd of people and a microphone, and he believes that he has an important message to share and would be fantastic at doing so.

His words are truly inspiring and beautiful to us at Dance Free Movement, and we know you will all feel the same.
— DanceFreeMovement on Matt Diaz

Matt wants to help spread a message, that being you is wonderful and beautiful and while that discussion has been brought up a lot lately, it needs to be brought to places where people are most vulnerable. Schools, conferences, places where people go to learn and embrace new ideas.

Bullying, meanness and negativity are a poison. They exist only to make people feel bad about who they are and what they love, in order to take the color out of the gorgeous works of art that we all are. All they do is exacerbate problems and add fuel to a fire of self-doubt. How do we snuff out that fire?

Love. Support. Kindness.

Every single person deserves to feel beautiful, because they are. There is no "standard of beauty" because the beautiful come in all shapes and sizes. There is no "standard of beauty" because there is nothing standard about people. We're wild, wonderful and unpredictable.

The goal is not "we're all the same!"

The goal is "we are all different and that is incredible."

Matt Joseph Diaz wants to spread this message anywhere that will listen.